Hey everyone. The day is here. I'm officially joining Mike Bainbridge and his patreon page for the upcoming 2020 season. I couldn't be more excited about this move.

I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has ever visited the site, told their friends about the site, interacted with me on twitter or through email, used the rankings and/or tools, and just being supportive of everything I've done. Some of you have been here since day 1. That is amazing. When I started this thing I was 100% confident that the only guys using this site would be the guys in my home league. But then I started hearing from all these unfamiliar names and faces and you all really helped me build this thing. 

I've loved the idea of a free resource and that is a big reason I started this clunky little website. A lot of things happened over the last few years. The site grew, my ideas expanded, and I built some great relationships with both CFF players and contributors. I got to the point where I have stuff I want to do but needed either 1. a team on a different platform or 2. a team on this one. I couldn't pass up working with Mike. As most of you know, he is the best out there. He's helped me, he's helped you, he's left an imprint on the CFF community. The only way I was leaving this place was if I could continue to do the things I love alongside someone else that is doing incredible work. I can't think of a better place or person to work alongside than Mike. In fact, everything I've produced I've felt would go great with what Mike is already doing. 

The other thing that happens with Mike is it's as close to free as you can get. $3 a month is a bargain. I realize it isn't free but I'm pretty sure you will be able to gain more insight by joining if you haven't already. I realize most of you are probably already locked in. But if not...

Some benefits of joining the patreon.

1. Team Previews. Mike has by far the best preseason team previews out there. If you used my team pages at all, you'll see a version of that combined with his team write ups. You won't find better preseason content at a team level. South Alabama is in your player pool and you know nothing about the players or coaching trends? We got you.

2. Rankings. This is what most people want. We are going to be able to take all of Mikes insight and attention to detail, combine that with my projection system and insights and put out some really solid rankings.

3. Waiver Wire. According to site traffic and downloads this is the thing you all want the most (outside of rankings). I've you've never seen Mike's waiver article you are missing out. The most well constructed article out there. The plan will be to combine some of what I do with the stats/trends and with his articles. They are going to be great.

4. Interaction. Something lacking here for sure is a comment section. Not only can you comment but Mike is great at replying and answering questions. He also has a weekly chat. I plan on joining the party. It's a great community.

5. Depth charts. He already has an early 2020 depth chart by team out there and will update it. But if you follow Mike on twitter you know come August he is the guy to follow for official depth charts. He has the best resource on his site when it comes to official depth charts. You will be able to access all official depth charts that are public through his patreon. This is a must.

6. DFS guys they have weekly lineups and articles. I'm not a big player here but their articles have definitely helped me set a few winning lineups on those 25 cent contests. No joke.

Only $3 a month. That's it. (also a $2 tier)

Click HERE to sign up.

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