Coach Report

The coach report is something I put together as a quick access guide (I say quick but that PDF has 133 pages). I'll give you a few thoughts on some of the new coaches and then provide something very similar to the depth charts on the site. Each team has a page that will include the depth at QB, RB, WR, and TE, the upcoming 2019 schedule as well as the trend for the play caller over the last 5 years. This really just looks at fantasy points per game and where that player ranked against all the other players in the play caller pool (FCS guys are included. I removed NFL guys)

I think this is a pretty good reference if you want to see the depth and the play caller info. Something I use regularly when I'm really trying to figure out value of players within their team.

If nothing else you can see who the new coaches are and who the new offensive coordinators are for the upcoming year.

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