Depth Charts take time. A lot of time. If you see any glaring issues let me know. I'm probably not updating these regularly because I have other stuff I want to get out to everyone. With that being said a little bit about these depth charts. 

  1. They are geared towards College Fantasy Football so they don't look like your typical depth chart. These look at CFF value at the QB, RB, WR, and TE position.

  2. The rank will be similar to my actual ranks but there is a good chance they don't match up exactly. I'm constantly tweaking my rankings. I'm not going to update this every time I update rankings.

  3. Don't pay much attention to rankings for backups (2-3 QB, 3-4 RB, 3-5 WR, 3rd TE) While that is a "ranking" it is merely taken from my projection sheet but I didn't do much manipulation to the bottom end guys. Most glaring issue would be back up QBs. I would tell you those are NOT my backup QB rankings.

  4. If a guy is green, he's a draft able guy according to my projection model. If he's yellow, then he's a radar guy or a draft able guy in deep leagues.

  5. I also tried to put some younger/freshmen on these as well. There might be a WR in the 5th spot that isn't actually the 5th best WR on this team. But for Dynasty purposes I wanted to fill some of those lower slots with young guys.

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