Let's walk through how to use this.

If you use all players in your league just use the All Player version. You won't need to worry about importing your player pool. If you have a custom league (only certain teams/conferences) you'll need to import your player pool. It's easy but will take a few steps.

Import Player Pool

1. Go to Fantrax (only works with FANTRAX!) and go to your league and click on the 'Player' tab at the top.

2. On the status/team drop down menu make sure 'All' is selected. This defaults to "available players" so you'll need to make this change.

3. Once all players are pulled up (including defense) export the list by hitting the download to csv button

4. Open that up, copy the entire sheet and then paste that into the 'Player Pool' tab in my strategy guide spreadsheet.

5. If you want to check to see if it worked go to a rankings tab and you'll see guys not in your league in gray.

After importing your player pool you are ready to start digging in. Each position has 2 tabs in this spreadsheet. 

Target tab by position

1. A few sections for each position.

     a. Last year top players

     b. Top Returning players

     c. Team trends for the last 5 years complete with projected starters

     d. Coach trends for the last 5 years complete with projected starters

     e. Schedule/Opponent info

2. As you go through each section you'll notice a yellow cell next to player names. You can put an 'x' in there to target (if the category is good) or avoid (if the category is bad)

3. Green will show up for Good, Red will show up for Bad. You can put an x by a player multiple times. These will add up and help you identify guys you really like or want to avoid come draft time.

4. There is a lot here, but mark the stuff you like.

Once you are done with the target/avoid stuff head to the ranking page for that position.

Ranking tab by position

1. These will look very similar to the rankings on the site with just a few added columns.

2. Like I mentioned earlier guys in gray are not in your player pool.

3. Column G will look at how many target (dark green is the most) and avoid (dark red is the least) points are pulled over from the target tab for that particular player.

4. In column H you can start to customize your own rankings. Not an easy process by any means and if yo make a lot of changes it could be a bit time consuming but I have it triggered to turn red if you have more than 1 guy at a certain ranking.

Once you are all done with all positions head to the cheat sheet tab and print it out. Now you'll have your own set of rankings for your draft and a spot to write in a few guys at the bottom that you want to keep a closer eye on.

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