Something new this year that I wanted to try and see if it had any use. I like this excel-based tool because you can put schedules up next to each other to see how they compare. If you're in a slow draft this is something you can probably use during the entire draft. If you're in a regular draft and have 1 minute to make a pick you'll probably need to do some homework before hand. You could definitely have this pulled and I hope it's quick enough, but it would be good to get familiar before draft day.

Most effective uses (that I can see)

1. Find players/Defenses to stream in-season. Might not be a huge help around positions with multiple starters but you can at least figure out complimentary schedules for a guy you have/are interested in.

2. Find bye week help. You snagged D'Eriq King but who do you want for his week 6 bye? This will give you a handful of options (10 plus a pick your own player)

3. Find a guy to help offset any tough matches for a top tier guy you have. You drafted Eno Benjamin and you are going to play him every week as long as he is healthy. You also know he'll have a few weeks in there where the match up is a bit tougher and he might fall below his average. This tool is going to help you find guys during his tougher weeks that could potentially have more value during those weeks. Eno might not get his 28 points against Michigan St week 3. Maybe he'll get you 20. Who can help make it up? Isaiah Bowser of Northwestern plays UNLV that week.

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