This is by far one of my favorite resources that I provide and I think anyone that loves looking at data will like this. It is an excel-based spreadsheet that is loaded with info. If you used my team pages from last year this will look somewhat familiar but I made some changes and updates for this season.

Explanation of sheet...

At the very top of this spreadsheet you can click the hyper-links to move down the page to a certain section (schedules, trends, top fantasy guys, coach info, and positions)

In the Yellow highlighted boxes near the top you can select the conference you want to see and then select a team from that conference. Once you do that it will pull up all info for that team.

Info in this spreadsheet

  1. Current coach and record with OC and DC

  2. Last year schedule and results along with how many fantasy points they scored vs how much that defense gave up on average.

  3. 2019 schedule that includes strength of defense using last years numbers as well as a CFF SOS (points a defense gave up along returning production from a year ago)

  4. Offensive trends for the team over the last 5 years for total YPG, rushing YPG, Passing YPG and scoring.

  5. Top fantasy scorers for the team with a weekly look at how many points each week.

  6. Top projected fantasy players for this team for 2019. Color coded by value.

  7. Coach info for each team. In the yellow box you can select if you want to see head coach, OC, play caller, and team info for the rest of the spreadsheet. You can also put in your own scoring as well but this won't change any rankings.

  8. Offensive and Defensive starters returning.

  9. Graphs on how well the selected coach from #7 does at each position over the last 5 years.

  10. Position info

    1. Selected coach trends and top player for that position​

    2. Selected coaches averages compared to the top projected player at that position for 2019.

    3. A look at how the 2019 opponents fared against this position last year

    4. A look at the depth.

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